Tuesday, May 12, 2015

PTX & MaBoys | Tweet Tuesday

As part of the boys' Christmas 2014, I purchased three tickets for us to go see Pentatonix.  I had taken Oliver the year before but knew that Henry would enjoy it too.  JP would be away visiting his brother and skiing in Denver, so the timing was good for a Mom & Sons date night.

We really enjoyed the evening with dinner before the concert and I specifically chose front row balcony for us.  Previous experience for Oliver and I was that the fans of PTX were fanatical and would STAND the entire concert.  I also knew they had a huge Twitter following.  Playing along, I took a pix of maboys enjoying the concert and tweeted it to the world.

Today's version of "lighters" at a concert

Let's just say, what happened next MADE Oliver's night.  The cherry on top.  As we were in the parking ramp and headed home for the evening, my phone notifications started blowing up.  Oliver picked up my phone and discovered that my picture was "chosen" and has been retweeted and favorited in PTX reply.  Just a "little bit" of viral for our evening and a night to remember.

The power of social media.

PTX Link

I can honestly say that I've never received so many gold stars in my life.  Or rather, I guess my association with this picture, because not many went to see the picture that was chosen.  Ha.

An evening to remember.

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