Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

I struggle with this "holiday" for a number of reasons. I would rather be recognized on a daily basis for my role as Mom and not feel guilt for the sentiment of the day. I set myself up each year for something that doesn't happen. No one should have to be prompted to THANK their mother for life, for sacrifice or unfailing love. It just is. A sacrifice, maybe, but much more than that is what motherhood entails. I read all of the kind thoughts on social media and my heart aches. It aches for my selfishness, for the mothers who never were of their own accord by no fault or lack of trying, and for those who have lost their mothers in life or other ways.
I am thankful for the relationships I have gained among friends, the village of moms who care & watch over my own brood, and the two families I helped create on earth. No amount of Hallmark will ever change how deeply I feel for the legacy of children I am proud to call "mine". Yesterday, today and always. I love you.

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