Friday, February 6, 2015

Celebrating Super 16

This boy.
Melts my heart.
Makes me proud.

Making way for his future.
Chose challenging classes for his junior year.

Continues to hone his passion for music.
Excels at keeping himself entertained with electronics.
Loves being a part of a sports team.

This boy.
Growing up before my eyes,
No longer little curls adorn his head, but long locks.

Masculine.  Sympathetic. Unpredictable.
Gets along well with Libra (phew – his parents!).
Humanitarian.  Leader.

This young man.
Loves with all his heart.
Challenges.  Seeker of truth.
Child of God.

Happy Super 16, my son! 

We love you to the moon!
Mom & Dad   xo

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