Thursday, August 7, 2014

Camp Wapo 2014

Every year, toward the end of summer, the boys head off to Camp Wapo (on Lake Wapogasset) in Amery, Wisconsin.  Anticipation drips from their faces and the discussion takes a hurried pace as they pack the weekend before camp.  "Mom, we don't have enough bug spray!  Mom, I don't want to bring a sleeping bag this year, I get too hot.  Can I just bring sheets?"

Each day has a theme to go along with the week of camp as well.  This year is no different!  There are servant days, high ropes courses, horseback riding.  I would encourage anyone who has children in the area to consider sending their kids to Camp Wapo. You don't even have to be part of a given church to attend, just the greater desire to be part of something bigger than you.  Bring a friend, join the fun.

The games, the canteen (filled with money from Mom & Dad), the swimming, the food, the friends, Agape, Bible study, and campfires, worship & music!  I think they'd be hard pressed to tell you what they love most about their week at camp.

playing 9 square

Henry is taking part in TIM Team this year.  He is joined by other senior high youth and will hopefully find a way to continue being a part of this wonderful experience next year.  Henry will be confirmed on October 26 after three years of confirmation studies.
TIM Team is a leadership development opportunity for Senior High youth. TIM teamers commit to one year of service as leaders in their home congregations working primarily with younger youth. TIM Teamers will spend time at both Ox Lake and Wapo during the 6 day experience. TIM Teamers will have lodging at Ox Lake, as well as experiencing the Low / High Ropes Challenge Course. During the week, much of each day is spent at Wapo interfacing and participating as leaders amongst the younger youth from their congregation.

It does a Mother's heart good to see the social media updates posted by both the camp staff and Calvary youth staff.  Don't get me wrong, we are enjoying the peace and quiet around 3513, but JP actually said that the house was too quiet this week.  Yes, we miss the boys, but wouldn't let them miss this experience for anything!  The boys have been going every year since third grade.

Oliver is headed into 8th grade next month and his second year of confirmation.  He has grown to love WNL and Bible study with a small peer group.  Joining together with his friends above, I am sure that not much slumber has happened in their little cabins in the woods!

Selfie with Youth Director Tim

waiting in line to take the "swim test" that gets you a band for the deep water (Henry, far left)

staying hydrated & happy smiles for these TIM Teamers

Cannot wait to hear their stories of camp when they get home tomorrow!  I'm sure they will both be exhausted, full of bug bites, but with happy smiles of another successful year at camp.

A circle of Calvary youth, gathered in a field, bonding...
This is what camp memories are made of! 

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