Friday, July 11, 2014

Minnesota Chill: Denver | Friday

I haven't heard much from Henry but have been stalking social media for a glimpse into his trip.  This morning I found a picture of him in goal (thanks Paige) and wanted to share with all of you.

The two short messages I received from him last night:

"we're gonna be at the world game"
"I wish you could see this place"

So happy for him to have this experience!

Last night I tuned into the WIL Canada v. USA game (we won 10-7) my status update on Facebook:

Never thought I would turn on ESPNU, watch #WorldLAX and have eagle-eyes on the goalies' skill (and uniform) in net! Canada v USA. Go red white and blue! I think Henry may be at this game too?! 
Apparently the Canadian goalie's 6'3" frame helps him cover the full width of the goal better. Keep growing Hank!

Henry's view for the Canada v. USA game.

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