Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May's Music Season

Henry played with the Freshman Band last evening at the Armstrong High School Auditorium. A compilation of the songs is in the first video.  Henry is sitting over on the left-hand side, back row.

This was the closing song of the evening: Stars & Stripes Forever.  Gives me goosebumps every.single.time and tears in the eye!

3:05 ----> tears in my eyes and I want to stand up and clap.  But no one else in the auditorium seems to be moved as much I was...  at least outwardly. Even now as I type this and listen again, pride and tears for all that it means to be an American.  ...gets me EVERY time!

I have many fond memories of playing this song in a number of bands.  If I closed my eyes for just a moment last night, I envisioned my band directors, Jon & Paul -- waving the baton, smiling back and Paul bouncing through the transitions of this song.  Is it a wonder that music has such a powerful connection to the soul?  It's the one thing I'm not sure I could do without in my life.  Evidence of its power can be seen here. And here.

Such a lovely evening to share the joy of music!

More concerts ahead this month and I'll add them here.  

If you choose to see them in person, let me know and I'll send you a list of what remains.  There's about two a week for the next two weeks.  Oliver was chosen for a solo/duet in one of them.

Apologies for anyone still following my blog...  life has gotten out of control and I haven't had the time to devote here as much as I would like to...  I promise to return.

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