Monday, February 17, 2014

Nail on the Head

Where in the world is Waldo?  {aka Julie}

Why are the pages of this blog left aching for words?

Whatever happened to the woman who loved to share her passion of writing,
 and the loves of her life?  in words and pictures?

I believe this fellow blogger hit the nail on the head with her recent post.

and this is what I needed to hear most today:

They will remember how you loved them, how you helped them, how you sacrificed to give them a good start.
And they will thank you. 

I am feeling torn in a million directions lately.
Missing my sons who seem to pass through in the night.
Longing to hear from my eldest one.
Stressed out.
VolunTOLD into things I heard the voices in my head decline.
And the stress...  my body aches from it.
My waistline showing the evidence of poor eating choices again.

{heavy sigh}

this too shall pass.

I will find a happy-medium again;
balance in the Libra scales.
The snow will melt.
The tulips will bloom.

The glimmer of hope on my weekend of barely seeing my boys?
They both said, without prompting, "I love you" when they hung up the phone after asking for unscheduled sleepovers Saturday evening.

well played, boys, well played.

I'll take it.

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