Monday, October 7, 2013

youth in confirmation

A little behind on blogging, so bear with me if it seems scattered in the coming weeks.

Henry is in his final year of confirmation classes, Oliver has just begun.  They attend confirmation on Wednesday evenings, give back to church with their time every Sunday (Henry: Grace Place assistant; Oliver: usher at early service), in addition to other education received and stewardship projects throughout the year.  Every fall they kick-off with both parents and kids in attendance.  This year was no different, except for the fact that it was...  in that there is a whole "changing of the guard" at Calvary.  The staff has almost completely turned over recently or changed roles, including the youth directors.  I was a little hesitant and anxious when we sat in the pew last month.  The first talk, however, went well and I took a few notes to keep us all reminded of some mini-goals in parenting and relating to one another. 

WNL 2013-2014  9/10/13

Students, Things your parents want you to know:

  • See me as a grown up - treat me like an adult comes with expectations
  • Honor your parents; Ephesians 6:1 "how you treat your mom is the best indicator to the one you will date in how you will treat a future relationship"
  • They want to hear the words "I love you" (out of the overflow of our heart that our mouths speak)
  • They want you to talk and use your words (have Grace for your parents)
  • Let your parents do their jobs - look out for you.

Parents, Things your kids want you to know:

  • Don't ever say again, "I know what it's like to be your age" (you don't in 2014)
  • Talk on their schedule (not after school, sports, etc); it's probably right before you're going to bed and they're wired
  • Listen more than talk (80/20); what if you surprise them with kindness {my words}; the consequence is never our relationship.
  • Keep it confidential; pray about it (Ruth Graham's way of parenting).  Not everything your child does needs to be broadcast.
  • Work on your poker face - they need to know they can tell you anything; you won't freak out.
  • Admit when you're wrong.

Looking forward to another year of educating ma boys in faith, and allowing them to make the choice of confirmation at the end of these years.  If Henry chooses to be confirmed, it will happen a year from now, October 2014.

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