Monday, October 14, 2013


I haven't been feeling like I've made a difference lately in my son's life.  He didn't wish me a happy birthday (even after prompting by his father), and has been the typical teenager, pushing my buttons.  Day in, day out.  Oh, I know, highs and lows and everything in between equals a good relationship between parent and child.  I understand completely. But even "a Mom" has feelings that get stomped on and mine have been in the dirt lately with this one.

I haven't done anything differently {maybe that's the issue} lately, still by his side when he needs me, being the mom that nags reminds him about late work, braces, drives him everywhere, hands him money when he asks, allows one more sleepover even with the late homework, and generally does things for him because he's my son.  Teaching him to be responsible and independent -- that's how I see my role right now as he gets through these years in high school.  He is still working on conquering procrastination, so the constant reminding is first and foremost in our daily conversation.  We would both like that to go away, believe me.  And if you're wondering what happens if I don't remind him, well, that's just not a good approach right now.

He asked me to help with his late work in English last night (after I offered for the umpteenth time, because I actually like English and writing).  Imagine my surprise when I edited, per requirement, the first draft of his short paper and found this paragraph about his favorite things:

My mom is the most important person in my life for many reasons. Whenever I need help my mom is there for me. She knows what is right for me. We can relate because she understands my humor. In the end, my mom will always know what to do if I’m lost and gives good advice. 

How does a Mom edit that?!  {I didn't.} Did he know I would be the one to proof?  Yes, because I also wear the Homework Helper Hat.  It's nice to feel appreciated, even if after proofing it, printing it, him finalizing, and printing another copy...  he didn't acknowledge in person the words he had previously typed in draft.  Anyway, I am humbled.  I must be doing something write right in his world.  It might have just made up for ignoring my birthday. 

Oh, and if you're wondering - he's written similarly about his father in the past.  So he's an equal-opportunity writer when it comes to giving credit on parenting and relationships.

Now, don't go and blab that I blogged about this, okay?

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