Friday, May 24, 2013

the feeling is mutual

It might be drawing near to the end
of the school year when...
  • my kitchen table is no longer available for eating and looks like something like this on a daily basis
  • we run out of glue sticks and double-sided tape from the dollar store faster than I can replenish it 
  • the request for a tri-fold poster board has me hitting three different stores because I'll be darned if I'm willing to pay $6.99 for something that's going to be thrown away immediately after graded {dollar store had one that he liked best of all...  for $1}
  • you go to bed nightly before the kids do, by almost ninety minutes
  • the boys wake up looking exhausted and needing a 5-hour energy shot just to get moving and to the breakfast table (no, I didn't give them one)
  • titles of homework in a Word document show increasing less descriptors for what they are and more of how he feels
  • morning routine now includes statements like, "what's left to do?" and "don't forget to hand that in", as well as printing copious amounts of documents that suck up the last of the printer ink

Yes, folks, it's almost time to be finished with 6th and 8th grade for the year in our house,
and most importantly, no more nagging about late and missing work to get the grade*!
Come on, June 5th!!

*anything higher than currently failing five classes due to missing homework

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