Saturday, January 26, 2013

watch the bouncing ball

Basketball is in full swing at our house!  They've been practicing since November and games started in December.  This will go on through March tournaments.  You can find me on the cement bench at the New Hope Community Center on any given Saturday morning until then.

Henry's team is currently undefeated, although I say that in a whisper so as not to jinx anything.  They're playing well as a team and only carrying a few bad habits into the new year.  Henry is playing on a team of 7/8, and his final year at this house league level.  We are both hopeful that he gets the opportunity to try out and fit basketball into his schedule when entering high school in the fall.

Oliver's team is also playing very well this year.  Oliver's also top of the 5/6 team as a 6th grader. Both boys have been only in house leagues and started their ball skills back in kindergarten. It's so much fun to see them improve and learn to play with new teammates every year! Oliver's team went undefeated last year.

Oliver's final - GUEST

Henry's final - HOME

If you ever want to join the cheering section for these boys, let me know!  Or just come find me, I'll be the loud one, usually behind the opponent's bench, yelling "hands up!  defense! get that rebound!"

  yeah, that's me.

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