Monday, September 24, 2012

my wish

Today isn't just any other day.
I used to think it was, and then a light bulb went off one year.
I watched people wish their birthday away.
They didn't celebrate, they didn't want to acknowledge it.
Well, folks...
Life is too short.
That is when my life's mantra began...  Carpe Diem!

I don't go to work on the 24th of September any longer.
I haven't in quite some time, actually.
I stay home. Or go out. I get pampered, or do nothing.
Most of all, I choose to celebrate.... me.

If you ask me what I want for my birthday,
I will tell you it's nothing material that I wish for.
Things collect dust.  I want for nothing.  Honestly.
I could be grandiose and hope for world peace,
but that's, well, a bit grandiose.

So, instead, I will ask for you to do just something small.
It's simple, really. Costs nothing.

Make someone's day, with a little kindness.
Be the pebble in the pond.
Pay it forward.
Say thank you.
Call your Mom, your sister, your Uncle, your best friend. Someone.
Call someone (not text, not email).  A voice carries so much joy.
Open the door for someone.
Find joy in your day.
Visit the elderly.
Sing a song.
Play a game of checkers with a child.
Tell someone you love them.
Be genuine.

Whatever YOU choose to do with your day,
this 24th day of September,
make a difference.  That is my wish.  
Leave a legacy, a footprint, a small part of yourself behind,
so that someone will look back a day in the future,
and recall the happiness you spread in the world.

In honor of my birthday,
if I've ever touched you in some way
over the past 45 years,
say a small prayer for me,
and then
do something bigger for someone else.
Be a blessing.


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  1. Love you Julie! So glad you are in my life. I have been learning from you.