Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekends that Fly By

Goodness, where does the time go?!  This past weekend was filled to the brim with activities, and although it didn't really seem like a holiday weekend, I guess it was!  A few highlights below.

It started with a bike ride on Saturday morning. 
The boys and I made our way to the Golden Arches
and then worked it off on the ride back home.

There was shopping, Xbox game exchanging,
pool time and more on Saturday afternoon.

Early Sunday, JP and I snuck in a breakfast at Fat Nat's
after walking the dogs early in the morning.
Finally the heat wave has broken and it is a
beautiful 67* in the morning.

After breakfast, we made it downtown to the
Minneapolis Farmers' Market.

Then back home and we woke the boys and
headed to outdoor services @ Calvary Park.

After church, we decided to head over to Minnehaha Falls
to use a Groupon that had expired {oops}...

and stumbled upon a Norway Day Festival in Minnehaha Park!

The boys had never been to the falls before today.

We rented one of these contraptions,
and let JP be in the driver's seat.

Yeah, that was fun.
{insert sarcasm here}

We rented the four-wheeled fun for 75 minutes,
but were pretty well done with the experience in 35 minutes.

When we were done biking, we enjoyed a picnic lunch in the park.
It was a lovely weekend
that flew by
making some great memories
togetheras a family!

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