Wednesday, June 20, 2012

serve & play

At the end of the day, an activity is planned for the kids on a mission...  seems that they have just enough energy left over to smile and get goofy!  I am keeping up with them (and getting these photos) via the church's Facebook page.  Gotta love technology!

You'll notice my son, up front and happy.  Miss you kiddo, but so glad you're having such a wonderful week of new experiences, meeting friends and serving the Lord.

Please be in prayer for our junior high kids, who are on a mission trip to St. Paul this week. Even though they're not far away, they're immersed in all sorts of ministry settings that will help them to realize that there's a mission field right outside our front door. Pray for the kids and adults, that they might have a really good experience, that they might influence the lives of the people to whom they minister and that their faith will take a giant step forward in their relationship with their Lord.    ~ Pastor Steve

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