Tuesday, June 12, 2012

LAX, what?

Henry started lacrosse this summer - for the first time!  A lot of his friends have also jumped off the baseball bandwagon {after seven years} and joined him.  I'm excited to be learning a new sport and hope that he continues to improve and play into high school.  It's a fast-paced game and the time goes quickly.

His 7th/8th grade team is the RED team for ACYLA, if you're interested in joining us on the sidelines for a game or two in the next two months.  The season is short, and the teams are bigger to accommodate all of the vacations and missed games due to other summer obligations. 

Henry is #46 and is playing middie to start the season.

Midfield: Always on the move, these players advance the ball up the field and play both offense and defense. Help defenders and tally assists by taking the ball from defensive area to attackers. They are fast, durable, and stick savvy. Also called “middies.”

If you're new to the sport like we are, check out the Wiki history of the sport here.  There's also a movie out right now called Crooked Arrows that the kids went to and really enjoyed.  I hope to see it, too, before it is out of the theater.


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