Wednesday, May 2, 2012

So, where were we?

It's been a crazy few weeks.  I feel like I'm finally able to take a deep breath and get back to routine on some things.  One of them being getting my thoughts back onto my blog!  Did you miss me?

How about a quick recap and summary:

Started a new job at General Mills on April 23rd.  So far, I'm loving it.  After a whirlwind week of trying to learn faces and forgetting names, most of them are all out at a meeting in Orlando this week.  That's good and bad.  I'm getting time to relearn some of the job duties, and things are relatively quiet in the office, but I'm also forgetting who is who by not seeing them daily.  Oh, but wait...  did I tell you that this company is BIG on flextime?  So I won't see many faces on a daily basis anyway!!  Most of them work from home four days a week.  Thankfully there's an internal directory where folks post their picture (if they're so gracious) and that helps identify who's who @ GMI.  Phew.  My other biggest adjustments have been the white noise that is piped into the office area, and learning that the directory in Outlook is first name_last name and not the other way around.  After 11 years of the reverse, it might be a while for that one to sink in.

my new cube

my cube and orange wall

view of the golf course across the street

Loving the 2.8 mile commute.  I even purchased a bike helmet and lock to force myself to get active.  Henry helped me get my bike down from the rafters and fill the tires with air yesterday.  Then it stormed last night and JP hasn't put the fenders on it yet.  I am not sure a back full of tire spray is the most appropriate way to enter the building.  Oh, and did I mention that after wearing jeans the better part of a work week for 11 years that now I am "business professional".  Yeah.  That.  Another adjustment, but I'm learning.

So far, so good.  It's been a smooth transition (thankful for similar systems and software) and I believe that this was the right move for me.  I am grateful for the opportunity to work, and hoping that this employer provides me with great opportunities of growth and eventual retirement.


Ma Boys:  Ma Boys: The boys are finishing up their fifth and seventh grade years in school. As Henry said this morning, it always amazes me "how much homework they pack into the last month". Henry made the high honor roll third term and will participate in an awards ceremony this month. He is pretty excited. Did I mention that he is a huge procrastinator, however? He has a horrible habit that he must turn around in the next year before he enters high school. He had two D’s three weeks before the end of that term. Somehow he always turns it around.

Summer activities will begin soon.  Henry in lacrosse, Oliver in golf.  They will both take swimming again.  Henry will assist at VBS while Oliver learns the ropes of volunteering too this year.
Oliver is enjoying all that comes with lack of homework and recess for one final month. I do believe that he did not bring home more than a handful of assignments this year. Next year will be an eye-opener for him. He will also be in Pre-AP classes, all but math. His teacher loves him and he’s a big after-school help to both the teachers and the Adventure Club.


John Paul: He has discovered that he has bulging discs, C2-C7.  Yes, folks, six of them!!  This since January and only recently getting in to do something about it.  He had a steriod shot a couple weeks back and it's finally starting to kick in.  We're hoping there is not another round of surgery in his future.  Please say a prayer for him.  This has really put a cramp in his style as he has not been feeling well enough to workout or do anything around the house.  Pain is such a bummer.

Other than that, he is excited that we will be spending time with his cousins and family in Winona over Memorial weekend.  His Uncle Jack is turning 90 - so those who can, will be joining in the celebration.  We will be kenneling the puppies and going down for some fun, festivities, and oh, don't forget the Bloedows!


On the home front:   There are many house projects I'd like to finish this summer.  I'm not asking much, however, only one at a time.  Isn't that reasonable after almost 10 years?  I'd like a finished room at 3513.  Just one.  I'm aiming for the kitchen.  Anyone want to take bets and/or help me reach that goal?  We have finally agreed on pendnants for over our new kitchen table.  Oh, and the table.  Well, that's a whole 'nother post, I'm afraid.  But...  I am hopeful that we can get JP healed enough to focus on finishing work in the kitchen and maybe I can even find someone reasonable to scrape/spray the ceilings on that level.  Wishes & dreams, I tell ya!

And one last update on the home-front while it's fresh on the mind...  we have been watching a little nest grow and develop in the planters on our front windows.  It was fun to see how Momma weaved in twigs, feathers and anything else she could find.  She would sing loudly every morning and being that she was right outside the window, we could sneak a peek if we saw her fly away.  Right around Easter. we discovered that she had about five little eggs in her nest.  Oh joy. 

Fast forward to yesterday, we saw the neighbor's cat jump up and then out of the window box. We were eating dinner at the table or we wouldn't have noticed it.  JP ran out to shoo the cat away, but it was too late.  He had a mouth full of feathers.  We weren't sure how many he had, or if Momma Bird met with an unfortunate fate.  However, after a few minutes, we were able to hear Momma Bird in the big tree and see at least one fuzzie baby in the nest.  JP was determined to save it.  So the next two hours were spent with chicken wire and attempts at rigging a surround that would keep the cat away.  After checking our work on the first attempt, we decided that it needed to be higher. 

One of the bigger babies eventually fell (was taken by Momma?) out of the nest into the neighboring fake tree, and we were able to see another smaller baby bird and a few eggs left unhatched.  So as you can see from the last photo, it is now suspended from underneath the awning of the house. It's quite the funny looking thing, but we feel safe and hopeful that the babies who remain will make it to full growth and be able to fly away.   I saw Momma & Papa Bird this morning hovering at the roof area and trying to get into the nest.  I will have JP keep an eye on it today and hope that she is able to make her way through the wires and to her babies.

My husband, the birdie hero!

So, maybe that wasn't a quick recap, but it did bring you up to speed on what's going on lately.  Hopefully I can get back on track with fitness, blogging and all things summer soon!  Don't hesitate to reach out and say hello!

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