Friday, February 10, 2012

oooh, l@@K! a shiny object!

We have been teasing Henry all week about his inability to focus. He will sit down to do something and within seconds, get distracted.  It's laughable as it happens quite frequently.  He also has a bad habbit of procrastination.  He had a book report due this week and we were literally printing it off 10 minutes before we had to walk out the door (he wrote it the hour before) on Thursday morning.

yet...  he manages.  and gets good grades.

To discover where he learned these habits, you don't have to look far.  {gulp} Yes, I admit, I have those same traits.  It's easy to point out in someone else, but not always easy to admit about yourself.  My job will be to help him understand how to use those faults abilities to his benefit and not his detriment.

When I was in high school, oh so many years ago now, there were no honors classes.  Or if there were, I wasn't aware of them and wasn't enrolled in them.  I managed to keep focus and get good grades, but was also easily distracted and procrastinated.  I discovered that if I always kept busy and close to over-extended, I managed better. 

Not much has changed.  I am the same today, but am finding that my purpose on earth is being challenged, or in the process of being redefined.  I don't have a packed schedule, nor a busy job, and so I've lost my UMPH! lately.  The year of 2012 is a self-defined year of focus for me.  On what?  I have no idea.  So I am easily distracted, once again, by shiny objects.  Looking to find myself.  My midlife self.  What does that mean to me? A new job?  A new passion?  Why isn't it coming easily to me?  the answers, I mean.


I could spend hours and hours blog hopping and internet surfing.  Guess you could say it's a passion. We're supposed to find our passion and turn it into a career, right?  That's what they say. However, I'm not sure I could turn that into a career, but it sure is fun.  I love peering into other people's lives and seeing what makes them tick. Aren't we all voyeurs on some level?  How else would sites like Pinterest get started?!  So, one of the more recent blogs I find fascinating is Kate's over on thesmallthingsblog.  She has fabulous videos, tutorials, and fashion ideas.  I've never been a girly-girl, but she makes it look easy.  Maybe it's time to reinvent myself in this way too.  One of the company's she recommends and highlights often is BirchBox.  They have a customer program where you receive a box of samples monthly.  Great!   Just what I need to get me inspired.  Sign-me-up!  Except for they've been sold out for months.  Instant gratification {poof}....  until last night when I recieved an email that it was my turn to sign up!  yippeeeeee.   So I've signed up and will soon receive a box monthly of new ideas, inspiration and fun, all wrapped up in a little pink box.  If you're interested in jumping on this beauty bandwagon, use my link here and I'll get referral points.

....look, a shiny object!

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  1. I, too, am trying to figure out how to make a living out of my love for blogging with no luck! LOL
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