Thursday, February 2, 2012

a little addiction {i heart}

Yes, I must confess. It clears the conscientious, right? 

Ok, ok.  I have a little admission addiction to fess up to...  I {heart} etsy.  For all that creativity that I cannot find the time or energy to cultivate, I am thankful for those who can and do!  And to think it's all at my fingertips.  look.  click.  buy.  Well, that's just plain exciting and dangerous all in one keystroke!  

So here's my admission of purchases this week.

All the way from England in Pomella's store, this cute and functional case for my iphone.  As a minimalist, I have a love/hate relationship with carrying a purse. This fits the bill nicely when I don't want to drag a purse around. 

It holds my phone (which has a slim case on it) and some credit cards.  The elastic strap doubles as a way to secure the items and can also be used as a wristlet.  I should have ordered another in my favorite combination colors of orange/red/yellow.  Another day, another wishlist.

I also ordered a key chain and credit card case from QuiltSewCover.  My intent for the key fob is to hold all of the saver tags from the local merchants.  I plan to keep it in the car so I've always got them handy.  Right now I frequently forget them, and with a new CVS down the block, I've been using the ExtraCare card weekly.

From the lovepray store, I ordered these adorable and simple jade earrings.  After being reminded about the powers of wearing jade, I couldn't resist.

Jade is called the Mayan ‘dream stone.’ It is used to promote Harmony within. It assists in achieving meditative states. Long thought to promote a Long life, it also aids in making realizations of your purpose in life. It is also considered to be good for emotional balance and stability. Jade is a stone of the heart related to the heart chakra and has a beneficial effect on all heart chakra related issues, including love relationships. Jade of all kinds is a very protective stone.
I can use some clarity, stability and emotional balance in my midlife.  These will be a nice everyday staple in my jewelry wardrobe, as well as a reminder to stay centered and believe.

So, yeah. {raising hand} I have just a few addictions in life. I could sit and blog hop all day, and now etsy hop almost all day long.  I will have to "look with my eyes" for the remainder of the month, however.  I'm thankful that it's payday again tomorrow.  After all, the mortgage is due. 

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  1. The iphone case is a perfect find! I would love something like that to keep my screen from getting dirty in my diaper bag.