Friday, January 27, 2012

checkmate {flipping for Friday}

So proud of my youngest son!  He has been participating in afterschool chess club for three years now.  It started out as fun, with a little competition mixed in.  I believe he was something like #34E (whatever that means) when he began.  Last year he was able to participate in a couple of tournaments.  This year's schedule hasn't allowed that, but he's still having fun.

I picked him up after school yesterday and he informed me that he is #2 of the kids' afterschool club in his school.  I happened to take this photo of him playing back before Christmas break.  He is playing with the current #1 champion, and a good friend.  I love that my little man enjoys using his brain to master the game and that he truly enjoys playing chess with anyone that will give him the time to sit and play. 

Go O!!  Keep honing those skills that will help you go far in processing, making friends and strategizing into adulthood.  You've got this proud Momma flippin' with joy this Friday!

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