Monday, October 17, 2011

pick your brain, Ollie?

on the wall for all to see during fall conferences...
a little insight into Oliver's fifth grade mind

*yellow writing:  Needs down time, happiness, sleep.

Oliver is off to a fabulous start in fifth grade (top of the class) at school.  Great words of accolades by his teacher at conferences.  He also auditioned for and became a member of All District Choir.  He has many concerts coming up, starting with the Mayor's breakfast next week!  A big one in November at the Minneapolis Orchestra Hall.  It's a fabulous experience and I'm thrilled that he has pushed himself to excel in new areas this year.  Oliver has also taken up playing the saxophone.

Keep up the great work, Ollie!

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  1. It feels special to get to see 3 fine young boys turn into fine young men. Thanks for sharing!