Saturday, September 17, 2011

Heart & Sole

After the race

The boys accompanied me and my girlfriend, Lorraine, to the Camp Odayin Heart & Sole 5k on Saturday.  I was going to walk once around Lake Como and Lorraine was going to run it.  Oliver decided he was going to run too!  He's been a little runner man lately and has found a new passion.  He honestly believes his shoes help him run faster {he's always believed that} but, whatever the wind beneath his wings, he came in less than 5 minutes behind Henry and I walking...  just over 31 minutes for just over 3 miles.  Way to go, Oliver!

Lorraine also improved her time after some training on treadmills, she's excited to have taken it to the outdoors.  Congrats Lorraine!

Pre-race warming up indoors!

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