Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where are my...

swimming goggles? 
very important papers I left on the counter yesterday?

Honestly, boys...  I have NO IDEA!  And I certainly cannot help you look from {here}.  When it comes to finding things telepathically, I struggle just a bit.

I am organized, and used to be to a fault {type A anyone?}... however, I've taken a bit of a change in cleaning up after ma boys.  Sure, I pay attention to where things have been left as I walk through the house, but I don't always pick them up any longer.  I figure, after all these years living with boys, that it's high time they (a) learn to put their own belongings away, (b) suffer the consequences of living in a mess, (c) lose said item on their own because it's buried so deep, or (d) said item may never be found again if it sits longer than a week and Mom has to deal with it.

So, for the third day in a row of being asked "do you know where my goggles are?" I am tempted to answer that I threw them out with the recycling on Tuesday...  because, quiet clearly, saying I've not seen them since HE saw them last is not working.  It just might stop the twice daily phone inquisition and subsequent grumbling too.

Ahhhh, summer...  parenting from work, by telephone.  Gotta love it.

And, Yes, I wish I were a SAHM.

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  1. I knew I would love this blog as soon as soon as I saw your blog banner!

    I thought I'd share my parting conversation with my boy (13), as he was headed off to boy scout camp Monday morning 5:45AM ... "Mom, have you seen the stack of papers I left on the counter last night? They're really important!

    Great blog you have here! The blog cartoon below had me in stitches.

    Many blessings...