Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Temple Yoga

I finally did away with the excuses and distractions and made the trip to Maple Grove for yoga at the Hindu Temple. I had to steal a few pictures to share on my blog. I know, not very zen-like, but for those who have been wondering what I was referring too, now you have a visual.

shhh...  class in session ahead

triangle pose

Yoga at the Hindu Temple in Maple Grove happens regularly at least four times a week. They ask for a $5/donation {cheap cheap cheap in comparison to studio yoga} and now also accept Paypal for a minimum $25 payment. When the weather is nice they take the yoga outside. We had a smaller class last night but sometimes it's packed with both genders and all ages. If you're local and want more information, leave me a comment!

The temple is in the middle of what remains to be farmland in the suburbs...  had to stop {a block away on my way to class} and capture pictures of the cows swimming and grazing!

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