Friday, February 11, 2011

Finally Friday...

Just in time for the weekend, a heatwave {sense slight sarcasm} is on its way!  We will take it!!  A few flurries today and then some weather in the 30's.  Sure beats negative temperatures and maybe it's a sign that we're headed into Spring after all.  A girl can hope, right?

Day 9 of JP's recovery...   the doctor said JP would hate him the first 10 days.  I believe that he was right on with that statement.  I took JP to a post-op appointment yesterday and it appears that he is healing well.  He still hasn't been able to eat/drink like he should, however, so I am hopeful that that turns around sometime today!  He's lost 10 lbs in the past week too.  I haven't seen much of my husband in the last week as he's been holed up in the bedroom for most of the time.  I am prayerful that he is on the mend swiftly this weekend and will be able to return to work next Tuesday.

Weekend ahead:  I am taking the boys out to dinner and a movie tonight to start our weekend.  Breakfast with Ginny on Saturday morning.  The boys sing at church for two services on Sunday.  And lots of chores to finish up around the house too.

Lookout weekend, here we come!

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