Monday, February 7, 2011

Bad bad blogger

Yes, I'm behind in actual substantive posts. I've got a lot on my mind and my plate lately, but just haven't given my blog the time it deserves.  So sorry for anyone that's still following along. 

My last week/end in a nutshell:

Monday:  Payroll mishap @ work.  Not a happy camper.  Promised it would be fixed.

Tuesday:  OB appointment - beautiful heartbeat!

Thursday:  JP had tonsillectomy surgery.  I played nurse.

Friday:  More patient/nurse responsibilities @ home.  Payroll mess not fixed ~ not happy!

Saturday:  A blur.  Did I do anything that day?  Oh wait, drove to/from a chess tournament at the local school a few times for Oliver.  He won one out of five games in his first tournament.

Sunday:  Church with the boys, Henry's birthday, Superbowl party @ Pete's.

Sunday night:  Didn't sleep due to sick hubby & kids.  I'll spare you all the yucky, unpleasant details. 
Never want a night like that again!

Monday:  Back to work...  exhausted...  but trying to keep my happy face on!

34 weeks - blocking Superbowl, trying to be funny!

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  1. Oh no Julie, I didn't know you had a bad Sunday night. Hope all is better this evening.

    And when I read your blog entry title, I thought you were talking about me :)