Friday, January 21, 2011

Dreaming of Tropical

On this crazy, cold winter's day in Minnesota...  I can only be thankful for all things warm!!  I got a late start to work this morning so that I could take both boys to school.  I wasn't the only one with that idea - unfortunately the carpool lines were long and the buses empty.  I'm pretty hearty and encourage my boys to be the same way, but -22*F without windchill factored in is just plain nuts!

The news was highly entertaining this morning too with the Kare11 weatherman using bananas & Twinkies as hammers, and tossing boiling water into the air to create snow clouds!  You can catch the video replay here.  So guess what Henry wants to do tomorrow morning?  LOL!!

Most other places across the country that are experiencing this drastic weather have closed school many days already...  those poor kids will be in school all summer making up the days.  I keep telling MY kids that they still get out at the same time in June and to be thankful for warm clothes, cars & buses. 

Me...  I'm thankful that I booked a romantic getaway with my hubby, a couple of weeks back, before the airfare started skyrocketing!  Only 85 days until we're lounging in a skybed ~ celebrating Spring's thaw on the beaches of the Riviera Maya.

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  1. Oh. My. Word. Your vacation sounds so wonderful right now! You will certainly have earned one by then! I'd love to go somewhere, but the rest of the family would want to come with too :)