Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

For many years, my grandfather played SANTA on the 8th Floor of Dayton's in downtown Minneapolis.  I didn't know it was my grandpa, of course, but it was a special tradition that I looked forward to every year. I am so thankful for the captured memories of three generations "on Santa's lap" and have it up at my house year-round. 

In addition to visiting Santa on the 8th floor (of what is now Macy's) there is also a winter animated-creation that comes to life each year.  Unfortunately, Macy's has begun charging admission for this tradition and has not created anything other than "A Day in the Life of an Elf" for the past three years.  My children did get to visit this wonderment when they were little.  We have since taken them to the Holidazzle (yes, a parade in COLD weather Minnesota) that walks along Nicollet Mall every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

As my children grow up, so too are our traditions.  Over Christmas break we enjoy baking & decorating cookies together, wrapping & donating gifts to various charities, visiting the local SNOW hill to sled a few (hundred) times, and watching a holiday classic.  This year the boys want to watch A Christmas Story on Christmas eve after we return from the Family Service @ Calvary.  I might also surprise them with a live show at a local theater this year over break...

Counting down two days remaining of work and looking forward to spending some quality time with family!

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