Monday, November 1, 2010

Sweet Child of Mine

you will forever be my baby with a head full of curls
third child born to me at age 33

your middle name had to start with a P because Momma wanted to nickname you Opie, like on Andy Griffith (one of Daddy's favorite shows)

born a "millennium baby" was special enough, Momma was determined you would not be born on Halloween

you can be sensitive and mischievous all in the same day

saying prayers, with a kiss & hug every night is a must

your natural athletic talent is amazing; you've recently taken on learning chess and impressing everyone with your yo-yo tricks!

when you were 15 months old, your brother slammed your thumb in the door of your room.  you cried for hours, but smiled instantly when rewarded after the ER visit with McD (our first mistake?)
whether you know it now or not, your brother will always be your best friend

your comedic wiles will take you far in life, use them wisely

fear not the future, you are a natural leader

you are a special child of God

daddy was given a wonderful gift to be home to raise you, your bond with one another is wonderful to watch grow
when you were three you practiced writing the letter "O"....  on my leather couch! and then blamed your brother.  and yes, I took a picture to prove it to you some day!

those gorgeous baby blues will never fade and suit both your pout and your smile

momma loves your constant hugs & unsolicited snuggles

Where did those 10 years go?!
I am forever blessed to be your Momma!

Happy 10th Birthday, Oliver!

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