Thursday, October 21, 2010

They're growing up!

Called home to check in on my latch-key boy this morning.  His brother is at a sleepover, so he's on his own again.  They are off from school for three days this week for MEA and us parents don't have luxury of additional days off from work. 

"Hi hon, how's your morning?
What time did you get up?"

"Fine, Mom.  I got up at 8:30 am."

"Have you eaten breakfast yet?"

"I'm eating right now.  Then I'm going to do my homework and read two chapters today.
I am going to bring it with and read every time we're hanging in the hotel room this weekend."

"Sounds great, Oliver.  When your brother gets home, I want you to get your packing done."

"Okay, we'll do that after lunch."

"Did you let the dog out again?"

"No, she's still under the blue sweatshirt."  
(Where I left her at 7:00 am, almost 3 hours ago.  Can you say, SPOILED dog?!)

"Okay, well, when she gets up, let her out."

"Alright.  Bye."

He's going to be double-digits in a little over a week.  I cannot believe how he's growing up to be such a polite and mature little man!   He is also the first (and sometimes ONLY) one to ask me how my work day was the minute I walk through the door.  Love my latch-key boy...  but he's growing up so quickly!!

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  1. Oh my, how sweet it is! Now that you mention it, he always asks me how it's going, very thoughtful. Better send the blue sweatshirt along this weekend, wouldn't want to despoil the furry one!