Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunday's Child

Things you may / not know about me:

~ My favorite color is orange.  It used to be "ocean blue"  - maybe a combination of both is good.

~ I want to leave "this world" knowing I made a difference.

~ My most annoying habit (so I'm told) just might be constantly blowing my nose.

~ I survived both being abused as a child and domestic violence.

~ I don't fear much in life.   Maybe boredom.  I think I could easily go crazy if left alone with nothing to do.

~ I love children.  I love them more when they're respectful and obey their parents' rules. 

~ I was born on a Sunday...  coincidentally, my favorite day of the week.

~ I am not working my dream job, but hope to find that passion soon.

~ My latest pet peeve is people who insist on being on their phone or texting while driving.   People...  put down the phone!!

~ I hope my children never tire of their Mom's approving smiles and snuggles.

~ I don't mind being a sports widow.....  most of the time.

~ After almost 14 years, my husband is still the answer to my prayers.

~ I am outgoing 99% of the time.  Then there's the irrational 1% of me lately that wants absolutely nothing to do with socializing.

~ I finished boot camp at 17 years old and served 7 years in the MN Army National Guard.

~ Next summer, I am going to sky dive.  I am also going to get another tattoo.

~ I wish I had more time for crafting, jewelry-making and scrap-booking (and a dedicated space).

~ I miss my grandfather.

~ I pray more than you might think.

~ I don't want to live into my 90's.  Unless it means I'm healthy and not in a nursing home.

~ I love vintage.  Cars, music, hairstyles.

~ In the next five years, I will travel more.  Two of those locations will include Norway and Greece.

~ I am thankful.  For another year, another day...  and all of life's lessons tossed into my path along the way.


  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing. There's a lot of info here. Some I knew. Some I didn't. Hope to see you soon. p.s. I still have your book :)