Friday, October 29, 2010

Once Upon a Time...

I knew this wonderful, amazing & inspiring designer, named Jeffrey. He changed the way I look at the world, in more ways than one. His design style is what I like to call eclectic, full of color and mixes in a little bit of old world with the new.

Last night I enjoyed dinner with a friend of mine at a new restaurant in town called the BLVD.  I have yet to find a website for the place but there are plenty of reviews to be found.  What struck me first and foremost, however, was the wall of antlers above a fireplace.

Immediately I knew that this trend had to have been inspired by my friend, Jeffrey.  Notice the similarity?  Interesting and stunning.  In the restaurant, however, it was just about the only thing (besides a bunch of mirrors tilted from the wall...   vanity much?) that spoke of design.  Oh, well, there were also the bathrooms that had a few design elements, but I'll let you discover those for yourself.

So, for my two cents on the restaurant itself, I agree with other reviewers, for the most part.  A tad disappointed that if you wanted bread, you were charged for it.  In Minnesota, at least, we are used to complimentary warm bread at the table.  The yummy looking loaves were displayed just outside the open kitchen and as we watched the manager of the restaurant cut off a piece and taste it, it felt just a little bit like a tease.  I'd also suggest you go early.  It was PACKED by 5 pm on a Thursday.  The food is rather pricey for local fare, but the flatbread (pizza) was very good for $10. The bottled water was actually tap water, but the waitress made sure to express that it was filtered when I joked about it out loud.  It ended up looking like a "swell place to hang out" or a pick-up joint  for the older crowd (LOL!) after a while.  Interesting mix of "momma's kitchen meets eclectic".  Definitely worth a try.  Once.

Oh, and I think between waitstaff and chefs, there were at least a dozen bald men...  stopped counting after a while and that doesn't even count the ones who were there as patrons!


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