Thursday, September 2, 2010

End of Summer Hurrah!

We are attempting to squeeze in just a few more fun activities for the boys before they return to school on Tuesday.  This past weekend we visited the Mall of America.  We had some ride passes to use up and they all had a blast...  that is, until round two on the Last Airbender threw out Henry's back... and then we were done.  We had over 160 points to giveaway by the time we left and made another family entering the park very happy!

The three of them in the car above the sign!
Mom & Oliver on Ferris Wheel
One of Henry's favorites - Tak Attak - the only rider!

The other reward for all that the boys helped to do this summer was a new family game.  Henry has been wanting to play Monopoly.  I finally broke down and bought it.  The price of the game was not the issue, mind you, but if you've ever played... you know that this is not a "quick and done" kinda game.  We are actually on Day Three today and have yet to finish.  Henry bankrupted Oliver last night and has been buying up property and placing hotels left and right.  I wasn't in the challenge mode until now, however, and we'll see if he can beat good ol' Mom!  The game has some changed rules since I was a kid, but it's still a lot of fun to teach and play.  Oliver already wants to play another game next week.  Unfortunately, it still sits on the kitchen table and when school resumes, so do family meals at the table and homework!  So I guess we'll continue to use this as a reward and find a new location to set it up.

This weekend brings another Twins game, haircuts for the boys, the State Fair and an end-of-summer-vacation BBQ with the Sterns!

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