Friday, August 27, 2010


I've been lacking in post material lately.  It's certainly not because life is boring, but rather my priorities lately have been to turn OFF the electronics when I get home in the evening and on the weekend.  Last weekend I spent Saturday with all of my boys.  We walked through the Walker Art Center Sculpture Garden and took some time to enjoy the sculptures while we took Alek's senior pictures.

We hadn't seen Alek since April, so the boys took full advantage of catching up on playing video games too!  It was fun to listen to all three of them lying on the carpet and discussing game strategy again.

On Sunday last, I also took Henry to see the musical WICKED at the Orpheum in Minneapolis.  I had seen the show two years ago when it as in town and loved it.  I knew that Henry is at the perfect age to enjoy it too.  So I splurged a little and got us 6th row seats.  We grabbed a Coke at the Irish pub next door before finding our seats.  During intermission we walked down to look into the orchestra pit.  He was surprised to see how bit it was and also that local musicians could join the orchestra while it was in town.  I think I might have a companion for future musicals in Henry.  He's hooked!

The rest of the week's fun events have been spent at work.  Did a little volunteering work with Hands On Twin Cities on Tuesday...  I could see myself doing something along those lines for a daily career.  I also spent some time on Thursday handing out t-shirts for our annual "BSC Day @ the State Fair" coming up on Saturday.  Henry was super excited to see the design this year and thinks it's the "best one yet."

The weekend ahead is predicted to be a hot one!  Neither Oliver or I do well in hot & humid, so our plans will be defined by exactly how well the weatherman predicts what happens with the weather each weekend day.  I am also taking Monday off from work and we're going to take the boys to IKEA and the MOA one last time before school starts.  The boys have all-you-can-ride-until-you-puke wristbands for the Nickelodeon park and want to get there when the doors open!  

The end of August is in sight, the beginning of school is just around the corner...  priorities are shifting and we're going to take advantage of what's left of summer!  I hope you're enjoying yours too!

If you're blog hopping today, thanks for flipping for Friday! Leave a quick comment to let me know you were here, so I can come and visit you, too!

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