Monday, July 5, 2010

Where does the time go?

We had visitors with us last week from Norway (see new header) and I didn't find make time to blog much.  Forgive me. 

A quick catch-up!
  • I ended up having severe knee pain (first time that it was that severe for me) and got an appointment for an MRI.  Further appointments in the coming week will define what the radiologist found and a plan of treatment.
  • We ate far too many calories while visiting with our friends, but did our best to walk it off at Como Zoo.  On our way to the airport on Saturday, we stopped at the Minneapolis Farmer's Market for honey sticks and lavendar soap.  I also had my first visit to the Electric Fetus and enjoyed browsing many other things while Tommy pined through the vinyl.  We dined at the Cheesecake Factory before dropping them off for their 12 hour travel day.  They've since made it home and had an uneventful, restful flight(s).  
  • Henry left for the weekend to camp at the KOA in Hayward, WI with a friend and his family.
  • I met my friend G for some conversation & breakfast at Fat Nat's Eggs on Saturday.
  • Oliver and I enjoyed some "Mom & me" time by dining at the finest Arby's restaurant and then saw the movie How to Train Your Dragon. Very cute movie!  We also did a little school clothes shopping @ Old Navy (empty on the 4th of July) and Oliver wanted to know the countdown to school:  65 days!
  • JP and his brother, Rob, took in another Twins game, but left early to tailgate when the Twins started losing.  Not such a good series, I guess, against the Tampa Bay Rays.
  • We entertained his brothers on the patio with some yummy burgers on the grill and sweet corn on the cob!  Lemon cake for dessert, a few fireworks and sparklers in the backyard, and we called it an early night.
My 4th of July weekend was everything but traditional this year, but it has been very nice having time off to work to enjoy it with family and friends.  

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  1. Julie, yesterday I got the biggest smile from Oliver when I said "So, isn't it nice to have mom all to yourself for the day?" and he said YES! He really seemed to be enjoying his day with you, lucky boy!