Saturday, June 5, 2010

Walking for Our Hearts

These are my Start! AHA Walk buddies, smiling and ready for the morning.  We made it down to Target Field by 9:15 am picture time, only to find mass chaos and the line of company team photos behind by 15 minutes.  We wandered around a bit to find some fresh air and then made our way back down for the photo.

This was definitely a learning experience for the production team.  A first of its kind @ TF and they hopefully learned a lot about crowd flow, feeding the masses, and getting folks to & from their scheduled areas.  Overall, the walk itself went very smoothly and the sprinkles that fell while we walked were a welcome relief from the humid air.

The announcer said there were over 11,000 walkers in attendance and I surely know that the dollars raised are going to a good cause!  Way to go Team BSC!

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