Thursday, May 20, 2010

Through the Looking Glass

My hard workin' man takes a moment of down time to enjoy the fruits of his labor! 

JP has been hard at work, every summer, for the last three years.  Two summers ago it was building a retaining wall (or overseeing the building of it) and landscaping.  Last summer, it was building a patio & the roof over it.  This summer, he's literally mending fences!  The chain-link fence has been torn down each year in order to get construction trucks & materials into the backyard.  This year, it's time to put it back together ~ but he's building a wood fence instead!  He's also on a bit of a deadline crunch as the neighbor's daughter is graduating from high school - and the fence line we share - is the one that has been leaning and down for the better part of three years.  JP puts in a good 6 hours at work every morning and then comes home to cut & build for the afternoon. 

We are thankful for good weather & [his] man-made shade in the evening to share and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Up next on the agenda will be grading and landscaping between the yards and behind our garage.  There's never an end to the list of projects to be done @ 3513.  Thankfully we both enjoy making our house a home and more beautiful and lived-in along the way!

Chloe will have a rude-awakening when her sight-line to all the neighbor activity is gone, but I think the fence JP is building is just beautiful...  and can't wait to see it finished.

He does wonderful work,
wouldn't you agree?

I love my hard-workin' man!

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