Sunday, May 16, 2010

In mourning for normal

Strange title, I must admit, but I don't know how else to sum it up.  Friends and relatives are posting pictures of their adorable, lovely & handsome children all dressed up for prom.  The smiles and experiences those kids are having...  heck, the parents are having.  It brings back fond memories of my own high school years, why wouldn't it?  And why wouldn't I want to be the one with tears in my eye as I take pictures and send my son off with a girl on his arm for this right & passage of adolescence. 

I can only pray that I will experience normal a year from now...  and watch my son walk across stage to graduate.  Even if he chooses not to walk, at least to know that he did it!  After all we, and yes, I mean WE, struggled through to get him this far...  I hope for some sense of normal.

And I pray.

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