Monday, May 24, 2010

In Love with Lazy

Did a whole lotta nothin' this weekend...  and I loved it.
Friday night was spent watching a [ridiculously long] baseball game at Zachary Fields.  Henry's team won in the end.  Grandma & Grandpa joined in the fun for the better part of the game.  Oliver brings along his glove and finds friends to play hot box with ~ instead of watch his brother play.  I'd give you Hammerin' Hank's stats on the game, but I never seem to get the play-by-play right.  Let's just say he hit the ball high and past the baseline more than once...  and tagged a guy out at third on another play.  He boasted about his ability to hang onto the ball for that tag so I know this a skill he's very proud of this year.

Saturday morning I took the boys to Shrek, The Final Chapter in 3D, leaving behind the house full of dishes and dust bunnies.  Loved the movie and we are all sad that the series has come to an end.  The boys cannot wait to get the movie on DVD and complete their at-home collection.  The appearance of Fiona as a Warrior Princess was quite entertaining and I loved that she was in charge of all the male Ogres in this storyline.

After the movie, we took a detour by the HOM store (because JP was at HOME napping) and I fell in love with quite a few pieces to replace the computer armoire at home.  Time to get it cleaned out, sold on craigs.list and go back to invest in one of these pieces.  We, of course, had to partake in cookies & soda (sugar headache coming on by now) while we were walking through the store...  this after popcorn, sugar & soda at the theater.

And what Saturday afternoon would be complete without waiting for the Target Pharmacy to reopen after lunch?  Whoever schedules their lunch break to be closed from 1-2 pm, without back-up?!  I just don't get that policy.  Can't they stagger their lunch?  I really was intending on only going in & out with the prescription.  However, I'm sure you can guess that I fell victim to having to walk through the TOY aisle while waiting for the Rx to reopen at 2:10 pm (because they didn't get to close on time)...  but phew, I made it out with less than $100 in purchases and a son who owes me a few more chores for the Bakugan cards that ended up in my cart.

After dropping Oliver off at a friend's house for an overnight, Henry and I headed home for some R&R on the patio.  We dined on the patio and entertained Kara for a couple of hours as well.

Sunday, our version of church consisted of singing loudly to our favorite church songs on the way to the Minneapolis Farmer's Market.  We stopped briefly at the chair, per Henry's request, for a photo op.

Breakfast consisted of sharing one giant-sized, over-priced cinnamon roll.  More fuel for the lazy weekend.

We had a very nice morning, walking through the hustle & bustle of all things farmers market and bought all kinds of fresh goodies to take home and grill for dinner [my house still smelled of garlic this morning when I woke!].  I even came away with a gorgeous hanging plant for my patio.

Oliver had a fun sleepover and enjoyed the Twins game on Sunday with a friend and came away with a bat from bat day!  We had our fingers crossed that the heat wouldn't supply Oliver & guest family for the day with the experience of a migraine ~ and they did very well in keeping him hydrated to avoid said unmentionable.

Henry had baseball practice (in 90* weather) on Sunday afternoon, but first took a time out to paint his Dr. Seuss birdhouse.  This beauty will end up posted on our new fence, built by Daddy.

So while this may not SOUND to you like it was a lazy weekend...
the fact that nothing of the domestic duties were accomplished
and no real plan was in place from the beginning...
makes it feel like it was just that L-A-Z-Y,
and I loved every minute of spending it with ma boys!

Carpe Diem!

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