Sunday, May 30, 2010

Friendship & Saturday Fun

Friendship is like cookies...  yummy, sweet and full of surprises!  I met up with my friend Ginny this morning to do a little girl bonding over food and shopping.  Ended up having a tag-along because Oliver didn't want to stay at home by himself.  I don't blame him. He was good and interjected a little humorous joke or clothing option throughout the morning.  This precious girlfriend time flew by far too quickly and just as I felt we got started with the morning, I had to leave for the afternoon's activities.  Ginny also brought me a surprise plate of peanut butter cookies ~ and they were scrumptious!

The afternoon activities consisted of swinging by the house to pick up the other two men in my family and traveling out to Plymouth.  JP was asked to assist with the putting together of an outdoor shed.  The kids ran and frolicked in the yard, and I got to sit and chat with another girlfriend for the better part of the afternoon.  We had some gorgeous weather [almost too hot for the men] to enjoy our afternoon together.  The evening ended with a tasty new recipe of porkloin with peanut sauce, grilled asparagus and a few other sides to tempt the pallet.  Good wine, beer & red velvet cake too!

I cannot imagine spending a weekend any other way than catching up with good friends.  We are truly blessed to have you all in our lives!

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