Friday, April 9, 2010

Want v. Need

I WANT the new iPad.  I know, I know...  never mind the fact that I just got a new computer last winter and also have a Kindle (First Edition)...  but I'd sell them both in a heartbeat for the new iPad.  I discovered in class over the last couple of years that I'm an early adopter.  Funnily enough, I even heard this term on a sitcom last week on national TV.  And it reinforced in my mind that I have this insatiable NEED to be in the front-running of my peers and have the newest, latest, and greatest gadget.  Sure, things will evolve, get cheaper (more affordable) and better as they go to the next generation...  but that doesn't stop the drooling from my mouth over this latest invention.  Heck, I know of a nearby family (to remain nameless) who went out and purchased one for their daughter.  I know it's wrong to covet.  Really.  I do.

The boys have said our desktop computer at home is "too slow" lately and refuse to use it for homework, gaming and surfing.  Maybe I should give them my computer, donate the desktop (after all, recycling day is coming up at work) and save for the iPad.  Yea.  Well, a girl can dream.

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  1. For the record, it wasn't us who got the iPad. Although that sounds like something Doug would have done...