Friday, March 5, 2010

Girl's Weekend

My girlfriends from Pennsylvania are in town this weekend.  I picked them up at the airport this morning after scurrying to carpools and cleaning up the house.  They were early.  I was late.  But we finally met up!

Our first stop was at the Sculpture Garden in Minneapolis.  An impromptu photoshoot broke out.

Joe's Garage for mashers for lunch.

A tour of the 'hood (1901) where I grew up.

Costco.  Rainbow.  Home to 3513.

Trader Joes.  GoodThings.  Sawatdee.  Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

Henry's playoff basketball game (and the paparazzi).

Mexican Train. Wii.  Outburst.

Church @ Calvary.  Massages in the afternoon.  Birthday celebration.

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