Monday, March 15, 2010


When entering a classroom, a church or an auditorium, where the choice is YOURS alone to sit - where do you sit? Do you gravitate to one area or another? Do you hide in the back - or prefer to call it observing from the back? Have you ever wondered what's behind your seat of preference?

I've decided that my preferred seating is center-left. When I sit in church, I like the front row so that nothing separates me and the message. In a classroom, center-left and usually near the front. Watching my childrens' performances at school or in an auditorium? If you're late, you can always find me front, center-left. Sure this seems like a silly observation, but upon further analysis and reflection, this has become a pattern for me. A fingerprint, of sorts. And do you know where I think it all started? In my high school English class! We were always seated alphabetically. Gotta love Mr. Bolin, straight and narrow, by the book, must sit 'em alphabetical so they don't get out of line! Back then, my last name started with an L. There were just enough kids each year that landed before/after my name and so I ended up right about... yep, you guessed it... center-left! All three years in English, I was also seated between two Tony's. The one before me, his last name started with an L - and the one behind me - a P. So I guess that means that for that whole time we were together, no one else arrived with the last names beginning M-N-or-O!  All through school in choir, I sang alto (second row)...  center-left.

But I digress.  This has been on my mind lately, and for no real reason, but I decided today was the day to share such chatter.  Phew.  My brain is cleared...  and now left YOU wondering about your seating habits.


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