Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mindful = MindFULL

So much on my mind lately it's hard to put into words.  I still have trouble turning away from the news with all the reports of what's happening in Haiti.  I'm reading, blogging, taping the news and trying to find a way to make a difference.  I have discovered the Livesay blog that is linked to the Heartline Ministries where I think I can get my girlfriends to join me in a purse party.  I realize that many of us have already made a donation one way or another to an organization that is part of the relief efforts, but the need for those people in Haiti will not slow down this week or even next month.  And who doesn't need another purse?  Okay, I don't (especially if you ask my boys).  But how about a grocery bag?  or a birthday gift for your best friend, valentine's present for your sweetheart?  Mother's Day gift?  This isn't your average purse party with over-priced or knock-off bags, these items are handmade by the women in Haiti.  The women who have lost a child, a husband and almost always, their home.  I am mindful and grateful for all that I have and want to find a way to give back.

One can certainly get carried away and easily depressed over all that surrounds this hardship for our fellow brothers and sisters...  I am trying hard not to go there, but instead looking for creative and different ways to give back.

I've also started to pray with the E100 campaign and read the books suggested in the weekly readings.  Starting at the beginning, of course.  It's easy to blame someome for natural disasters, and ask Why me, God?, but how many of you find it easy to thank the Creator in times like these?  It is certainly difficult to understand. 

It's easy to turn away from the images and heartache going on in the world today.  But it's just as easy to find a way to make a difference.  I must help pay it forward.

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