Friday, October 23, 2009

he said, she said.

A little bit of insight to how my day started...
We had a bit of a crazy morning on this fine Friday.  For starters, I overslept by exactly an hour.  I never oversleep.  I have been very, very tired, as of late.  Most of you know the reason why (and yes, I have downloaded a decibel meter on my iphone).  But I digress.  So, after my discussion with the teenager last night about responsibility and getting himself up on his own in the morning (folks, he will be 17 in December) ~ he of course didn't listen and it didn't happen ~ and by the time I woke up to wake him up ~ he had exactly 30 minutes to shower, eat and get out the door.  Last night he said he's responsible and I should stop reminding him to brush his teeth, when to be home, and waking him up.  She said, then prove it.  Case proven.

And as luck would have it, this morning is also Henry's last rehearsal before his big singing debut at Orchestra Hall on Monday night.  Thanks to the few minutes I crammed into my morning to check Facebook, I discovered that our every other week carpool was not coming to the house this morning to pick up Henry because her daughter was sick.  Suddenly I'm kicking it into high gear.  No shower for me.  Off to wake the younger boys and get them ready for the day.

Oliver cannot seem to roll over and go back to sleep.  So he gets up after Henry, complaining all the while, that it's too early.  "Hmmmm, roll over and go back to bed," she said. 
He doesn't. 

Back to the chaos of getting ready.
I shove the youngest downstairs to the television because the one at the breakfast table is suddenly making pokey, that much slower in his task to get ready and out the door.  Henry insists on bringing lego models to school to play with...  really?!  "How is there time in your already busy, crammed day, to play with legos?" she said.  Apparently because there will be indoor recess (due to the never-ending rain of October 2009), there will be time.  There is apparently also time at the end of the day.  He is thankful that there is no band today.  I am too or I'm not sure how we would get all of this to school. 

Henry proceeds to tell me that he has figured out that he will do all of his weekend homework on Fridays now instead of waiting until Sunday.  Yes, he has the procrastinator gene inherited from his mother.  I'm impressed.  He's actually been doing quite well juggling everything these past two months:  all-district choir, band, church choir, and soon ~ basketball...  weave in some homework, Sunday afternoon Viking games, a couple of must see shows during the week, and I'm exhausted just typing out HIS schedule.

I remind Oliver of all his chores before he has to leave the house for school and we get out the door with 5 mintues to spare, suddenly thankful that we do not have to pick up anyone else.

And as we drive by the middle school he will be attending next year, the buses are lined up in all their yellow glory, red lights glistening off of the wet pavement, and the kids tumbling onto the sidewalk, I say,
"hey, that's YOU next year... up this early ALL school year.  no more sleeping in."

And he mumbles, "yeah, and then another hour earlier for high school." 
[somehow he's already skipped through sixth-eighth grades and is dreading something four years hence]

I said, "yeah, well, Welcome to my world!"

He said, "I don't like your world."

And there ya have it folks... a little he said, she said on this fabulous Friday morning!

i love ma boys.

ETA: I forgot that I also unclogged a toilet and folded a load of laundry this morning. 

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  1. Holy crapoly. I couldn't handle all that testosterone. My hero.