Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tooth Fairy

The fill-in tooth fairy screwed up! He put the dollar under the pillow at 4:30 am on his way to the part-time gig, but forgot to take the tooth!!
"Oh no," exclaimed Oliver, "they forgot to take the tooth!"

Tragedy of all tragedies?! Quick thinking Mom to the rescue of the fill-in fairy, "Honey, maybe the tooth fairy couldn't open the box?" Oliver had to visit the dentist yesterday to have this crooked front tooth pulled. It wasn't coming out and was going to cause more harm than good.

Dashed wonderment, but not down for the count, Oliver says, "then I'll make sure to leave it open and put it back under my pillow tonight."

Mom suggests that maybe writing a note, explaining how it opens, and leaving it on the desk would be a better idea. Note to self, Oliver thinks only the tooth will be gone, leave box behind tonight!

Phone call to fill-in fairy on the way to work to update him... fill-in fairy exclaims that "this is getting to be too much, it's inflation and robbery, and I think it's time we're done with Santa Claus too!"

"and the Easter Bunny too?" interjects regular tooth fairy (aka Mom).

(sigh) These years are coming to a close quickly. Only one believes in these fairytales, and yes, he's gullable. We must enjoy them while we still can... or before the other two non-believers spoil the fun! Eldest son gave me a smirk (phew, nothing spewed from his mouth to ruin it) when the conversation continued over breakfast.

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