Thursday, June 5, 2008

Raptor MVP

The boys have really enjoyed playing in little league. This is Henry's fourth year and although he was pretty upset he had to (1) play on the same team with his brother, (2) play on a rookie league and (3) have a machine pitch, he is still loving the game! His coach regularly sends emails keeping everyone up-to-date and this is a portion of one we received today:

The coaches already gave Henry Foreman his drink at Rookie day, but I forgot to mention it you guys. Henry is truly a great player to coach. He has a very serious side to him, and is very factual. Henry has a great focus and has become a solid fielder and hitter for the mighty Raptors. Henry is always willing to play any position without complaint. What a great kid and a great teammate.


I will have to make sure to send that one to Henry's email or read it to him!

We don't generally keep track of winning or losing and neither do the boys for the most part. They are having a great season, despite the cruddy weather. The parents who sit huddled on the sidelines continue to cheer ~ it's been fun! Both Henry & Oliver enjoy playing and that's all that matters.

Baseball continues when we get home from an evening game. The boys hurry to change clothes, eat their snack and then plop themselves on the couch to watch the Twins. Henry swears he's going to be a pro ball player when he grows up. I'd be fine with that if he took care of mom and pop in our old age!

Last night, the boys were downstairs watching the game on the 50" TV and Dad was upstairs lying in bed watching. The Twins would get a hit and we'd mute the TV waiting for the boys to cheer, then yell "Dad, did you see that?!" as they ran up the stairs.

Such is the life of a baseball mom.

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