Friday, June 20, 2008

Go Raptors!

Little League is coming to an end and with that, one more nod to a family MVP. His coach writes:

Oliver Foreman got two at bats and clobbered a ball so hard I thought it had gone into another zip code! Well, that might be an overstatement. Oliver has been a great joy to coach and all the coaches agree he seems to be one of the happiest players we have. Way to go Oliver!!!!!!

The boys are enjoying this season and the weather is finally cooperating for some warm evening games. I'm not sure where they stand right now, but they play again on Saturday at 2:30 pm at Zachary Fields. From there, win or lose, there's one game left in the 2008 season. If you're interested in cheering them on, I'm sure they'd love to see another face in the crowd! You can come back to our place for a cool drink when we're through!

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