Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

It was a beautiful day in Minnesota! A wee bit chilly for shorts, but I wanted to dress up a little so I braved the slight chill in the air. My parents met us at Calvary Lutheran Church to hear the boys sing in the year-end musical, Simon Says. It was very well done and the kids put on two shows!

My day consisted of:
  • A musical at church presented by the boys
  • Brunch of waffles & bloody mary's at our house for my mom
  • Hand-made gift presentation from H&O
  • A gift card to Starbuck's from JP
  • Working on H's city report due Monday!
  • Family bike ride
  • Teenager issues that brought me to tears
  • Family walk in the evening
  • DQ Oreo blizzard for dessert
  • Watching the Finale of Survivor!
  • ...and a good night's sleep after a full day

What more could a Mom ask for?!

JP spent part of the day calling his siblings and reminiscing about his Mother. I could tell he was deep in thought when Henry read a Mother's Day prayer he found in our Graces Prayer Book. I think I heard it best said on the morning radio program about remembering those who were promoted to glory! What a fabulous way to remember those who have gone before us but remain so dear in our hearts.

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