Friday, April 11, 2008

Drive In

I want to make a difference. Not only yesterday or last year, but today and into the future! I want to shape my children's future with compassion, empathy, hope & love. This morning is another Drive-Thru Difference Day with KTIS. I tell you, it's addicting! I tend to do the drive-thru difference for another person at least once a week, not always on a Friday. I learned early on that the Maple Grove Starbuck's cannot hand out the flyer because of food regulations. However, they've quickly learned that when I pay for someone behind me, they tell that person it was the KTIS Drive-Thru Difference. As I sit here enjoying my coffee and muffin, I know that the woman behind me is also enjoying hers... blessed by the contagious spirit of KTIS!

I was out reading some of KTIS blog and it not only warms my heart, but brings a tear to my eye. What a way to start the day!

With a smile on my face, as I drove onto campus this morning for work, I was reminded of the little old lady in church who enjoys handing out a small piece of candy to my boys. She loves to watch the smile on their face and I quickly remind my boys to say "thank you" as she turns to leave. At first it caught them off guard, but now they are excited when she comes with her closed hand, carefully guarding an offering of peace.

Pass it on! Blessings to you this Friday!

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