Monday, April 14, 2008

Busy Weekend

This past weekend was b-u-s-y! The boys had baseball tryouts on Saturday morning. They both did very well and now we wait to see what their team name will be this year. We moved across the line to the Plymouth/New Hope Little League after Crystal Little League decided to enforce their "city residence" rules. The good thing is that a lot of their friends are now also forced to change ~ so they both found a couple of familiar faces at tryouts. They will be on the same team one last year and in the Rookie League (machine pitched). That makes it soooo much easier for us with practices and games, especially Saturday mornings when there's only one of us (parents) who can shuffle and taxi them! It also gives Henry more time to develop his skills.

Henry also had a birthday party to attend at Roller Garden. While he was having fun there, Oliver and I went shopping at Kohl's. We returned a pair of shoes for Dad and bought Oliver a new pair of shoes. He honestly believes the shoes are what makes him run faster and better! We finished our morning with lunch at White Castle. Mmmmmm. Nummy! Yes, I know, you either love it or hate it. I guess you know where we stand on that.

Sunday started out with the kids singing for two services. They are getting a chance to practice the songs they will sing for Mother's Day and their Spring musical. It really gives me goosebumps to sit in the pews and watch them!

..........and, drum roll please....... Oliver learned how to ride his bike!! I tried this many times with him last year but he always gave up! He's now a riding machine and that's all he wants to do ~ he probably even does it in his sleep. Whoohooo, Oliver! PS: Thanks to the neighbors for letting our boys use their driveway! For some reason they prefer the smooth cement to our newly done backtop. LOL!

We finished off our weekend with a Spring BBQ at Kara's house. It was so nice to see the sun shining and the weather finally changing to temperatures above 40*.

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